Guidelines to consider before submitting a form

·      This project intends to preserve memories of those whose lives have been impacted in some way due to substance use. How do you want to preserve their memory? How do you remember them when you think about them? How would like others to remember them?

·      These are some questions to consider. We hope this structure can help to humanize and honor their memory. We are actively working against stigma.

·      Please share an anecdote that will honor or capture the memories in which you are preserving. We aim to create a non-judgmental space for others to share their stories. Through these conversations, others may realize they are not alone. This is how we hope to build a supportive community.

·      Personal anecdote of a loved one: This can be brief, 3-5 sentences (or less). 

·      Your anecdote can be as vague or specific as you are comfortable with. You do not have to share the name or relationship of the person you are speaking about. But if you would like to be open with this information it is more than welcome! 

·       Locket’s intention is to focus on documenting the personal stories of those often on the other side of addiction. We are drawing (you) the person sharing memories. Please share a reference photo with us for your drawing. It can be a simple head shot or something along these lines. Whatever you are comfortable with.

·       Additional information: The submission form will ask for your name and City/State. But we understand that not everyone will be comfortable sharing this information publicly. The submission form will offer additional options if this is a concern.

·       The project centers around each person who is sharing their story, and as a means to highlight this we are drawing each person by hand to preserve a documentation of you, the person sharing memories.

·      The submission form will provide you with an option to upload a reference photo that we will draw along with your anecdote. If you are not comfortable with this and want to opt out, the form provides an option for this as well.

·      This project is important and personal to us as we know it is for you. Our only intentions are to share stories and create community. We also hope to spread awareness about these experiences which are so complex and often difficult to navigate. Therefore because of these objectives we want to clarify that this is a public art project, and these drawings will not be sold or be for sale. We will only document provided information, protect privacy, and archive every submission we receive with care. 

·      This is a new project, and we are unsure of the response we will receive. If you submit a submission form we will follow up with your story documentation as soon as we are able. In the meantime you are always able to contact us through email at

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